doing Good

We’re dedicated to sharing the Pure Goodness message with the world. It goes beyond our fruit to how we conduct our business—respecting the land, our people, and our communities.

being good

solar power innovation

Up to 10% of the electricity for our Halos packing facility comes from green energy generation. Halos has been an early adopter of solar power; the plant’s roof is home to a 2.7 MW customer-owned rooftop solar plant. Alternative technologies, like these solar plants, ease the burden on local suppliers, lower fuel use, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping us reach our goal of achieving 100% renewable electricity for U.S. operations by 2025.


As an agriculture company, we know that sustainability is critical to our future. That’s why we conserve natural resources, direct funding to cutting-edge environmental research, and work hard to minimize our company’s impact on the environment.

To date, Wonderful Company businesses have invested more than $400 million in water-efficient irrigation practices, eco-friendly pest control, responsible packaging, and creative ways to reduce energy use. As farmers, we also believe that the most nutritious and best-tasting foods are those that come from nature. That’s why all our branded agricultural products are certified non-GMO.

community development

We have a long history of creating positive and lasting change in California’s Central Valley. From investing more than $20 million in the redevelopment of the town of Lost Hills to providing jobs, affordable housing, and small business loans, as well as supporting the philanthropic efforts of hundreds of local nonprofit programs, we are a true community partner.

health and wellness

We wanted to change the paradigm of health care in the Central Valley, so our Wellness Centers in Lost Hills and Delano offer free primary medical care and prescriptions to over 4,000 employees and family members. We promote employee health with on-site gyms, healthy cafes, a produce market, and daily wellness education and support.

investing in education

We’ve reached more than 55,000 students across the Central Valley through scholarships, college prep, career pathways, our charter schools, preschools, and teacher grants.

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