Valentine Critters


Jodi Levine (@supermakeit)



Valentine Critters

Let's Get Started

  1. Step 1

    Cut out a large heart for each face, about 5 to 6” across.

    Tip: To cut symmetrical hearts, you can fold the paper in half and cut half a heart along the fold.

  2. Step 2

    Make eyes and a nose by punching two white holes and using the marker to make black dots in the centers. Cut or punch out a black dot for the nose.

    Tip: You can trace a dime to get a perfect circle!

  3. Step 3

    Bear: Cut a pair of small hearts for the ears. Turn a large heart upside down and use the glue stick to adhere the small hearts upside-down behind the face. Glue on the eyes.

  4. Step 4

    Fox: Cut a pair of small orange hearts for the ears. Cut a set of even smaller white hearts for the fur inside the ears. Cut out a medium white heart and then cut it in half for the cheek fur. Glue the orange ears behind the large heart face, pointy side up. Glue the smaller white hearts on top of the ears. Glue on the eyes. Glue the medium white heart halves on the cheeks, leaving room for the mandarin snout

  5. Step 5

    Puppy: Make ears by cutting a pair of small hearts with long lobes. Turn a large face heart upside down and glue half of each ear heart behind it. Cut a long skinny red heart for the tongue and glue the pointy end to the back of the face. Glue on the eyes.

  6. Great job!

    Use a couple of adhesive dots to adhere a mandarin “snout” to each animal by cutting out a small circle with the black paper. Add another adhesive dot on top and press on the black dot nose.

    TIP: If the adhesive dots aren't sticking to the mandarins, wash them with soapy water and dry them off very well before adhering anything to them.

On your mark. Get set.

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