Halos Mandarin Reindeer


Jodi Levine



Halos Mandarin Reindeer

Let's Get Started

  1. Step 1

    To create your reindeer, start with a Wonderful Halos mandarin. Use a toothpick to poke three holes where you would like to put the eyes and nose, and press cloves into the holes. If you want to create “Rudolph,” dab or squeeze a dot of frosting onto the mandarin and press on a cinnamon candy. Use a food-coloring marker to draw a smile.

  2. Step 2

    Using wire cutters or scissors, cut a toothpick in half. Then, cut a brown pipe cleaner into the following sizes: two pieces at 1¾", two pieces at 1¼", and two pieces at 1". To make your antlers, bend the four smaller pieces in half. Next, twist one of the small bent pieces around one of the longest pipe cleaner pieces toward the top, and then twist one of the medium-sized bent pieces below that one. Repeat with the remaining pieces to make another antler. Glue the bottom of each antler to the cut end of each toothpick half. Pierce each antler into the top of the Wonderful Halos mandarin.

  3. Step 3

  4. Step 4

  5. Step 5

  6. Great job!

On your mark. Get set.

grab your Halos.

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